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Existing and licensed small, medium and micro enterprises operating in Jordan as for-profit institutions.

All economic sectors operating in the Kingdom wishing to purchase goods, whether import or local purchase, for the purpose of manufacturing or trading.

The following types of SECTORS that are not eligible for JGC's guarantee:

- Consumer loans.

- To refinance or renew existing credit portfolios.

- Loans granted on terms inconsistent with the generally accepted rules and principles of lending.

- For the purpose of relocating existing institutions in the European Union to other places outside the European Union;

- Any projects or activities that contribute to the violation of internationally recognized workers' rights, including safety at work rules, as well as violations of the laws and regulations in force in Jordan.

- For illegal or environmentally unsuitable purposes that endanger human life.

- To finance gambling clubs or any related purposes and activities.

- For currency speculation purposes as specified by banks

- For trading in shares and securities.

- For the manufacture of cigarettes and tobacco products.

- For alcoholic products and beverages.

- For banks, insurance companies or financial services.

- For illegal and immoral purposes.

- For the purposes of financing the production of prohibited medical drugs and narcotics.

- For agriculture, except for the manufacture of foodstuffs.

- For the purposes of manufacturing or selling weapons or related services;

The company does not grant the loan, but the company's role is limited to covering the aspect of traditional guarantees and enabling the customer to obtain the loan to serve his project.

All valid identification and official papers for the establishment of the project, which enhance the establishment of the project

Type of Insurance Policy that protects businesses from losses resulting from non-payment of debts owed by customers/buyers

Commercial insurance provided by different insurance companies protects against tangible risks that may affect exported goods, such as theft, sinking, damage, etc., while the export credit insurance program serves as a tool to manage risks related to sales operations carried out on credit and ensures a steady cash flow for the exporter.

- It helps Jordanian exporters enter new markets or increase their sales in existing markets by granting buyers in those markets favorable payment terms without requiring advance payment or using letter of credits.
- Protection against non-payment.
- Evaluating the creditworthiness of importers, determining appropriate insurance limits according to their risk assessment, monitoring the latest financial and management developments of buyers, and providing protection for the exporter's cash flows.
- Increase financing options by using the policy as collateral with local banks.
- The company bears the cost of collection and recovery of the insured export shipments for the Jordanian exporter.
Enhanced competitiveness.

The credit limits covered are revolving limits and are determined based on the creditworthiness of the buyer. Generally, a credit limit of up to 26 million dollars can be granted to a single buyer, and this limit can be exceeded exceptionally if there is a positive assessment of the buyer to be insured.

Currently, insurance coverage in the domestic market is only granted to active policyholders within the export credit guarantee program.

The guarantee ratio within the local sales credit guarantee program is 80%, covering only the commercial risks of buyers in the domestic market, such as buyer insolvency, bankruptcy, or default on payment. Generally, a credit limit of up to 4 million dollars can be granted to a single buyer.