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Mr. Adnan Naji
Mr. Adnan Naji

Director General

In the Name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation (JLGC). The website desing aims to keep our browsers aware of the significant role that JLGC plays to motivate the local banks and other financial institutions at the kingdom to provide improved services and financing to Small and Medium Size enterprises (SMEs). A contribution that enables SMEs to create new job opportunities and reduce poverty rates. JLGC also supports the national exports by providing credit insurance to Jordanin exporters against the risk of non-payment by the importers and the buyers of the Jordanian goods.

JLGC is looking forward to achieving its objectives in a professional, responsible, and corporative commitment. It is also keen to improve its services at all levels in collaboration with main partners of the public and private sectors. Particularly financial institutions which showing a great response to the development efforts of the Corporation that enabled JLGC to achieve an obvious growth in the volume and returns of its operations. 

JLGC operational departments keep exerting the efforts to improve guarantee program and services through increasing the corporate efficiency in loan and credit export guarantees and improve underwriting systems and risk assessment pricing and safe allocation of credit portfolio. Furthermore, increasing the internal capacity in financial risks management for the current programs and increasing the abilities of granting guarantees for amounts exceeding the current limits.

JLGC works on expanding guarantees to all economically viable sectors that create jobs and enhance economic growth. It also keeps improving its operational revenues and the human resources and training systems to reach operational sustainability

The official website for JLGC provides the website’s visitors with an in-depth view of its objectives, activities and programs and most up-to-date information, news and reports, in both Arabic and English. Moreover, the website provides information on JLGC partners and their support to JLGC.

We have designed the website in a responsive, user-friendly manner in order to ensure quick and efficient access to information. I would like to welcome you once again to JLGC website, which I hope you find it interesting as well as beneficial.

Please feel free to share with us any suggestions or ideas that may improve the quality of our website.

JLGC Director General 

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